Friday, October 30, 2009

Week in Review

Hello Company Girls and good afternoon!

We had an early start this morning with Mr. Active waking up at 6 am ready to eat breakfast. He must be going through a growth spurt because he is constantly hungry! I gave him 1/2 pb sandwich to take back to his room while I finished my quiet time. Our new routines have helped out a lot with our early morning risers and reminding them when they can come for breakfast. Today was the first time that he has come out THAT early. I think he was excited to prepare his hair for "whacky hair day" at school. Hopefully I can post pictures later.

The biggest change this week has been establishing our evening routines. I love that God is faithful to answer our prayers and we can have confidence in His watchfulness over our lives. For about 4 months, little Ms. Ready to Go (19 months) has had her own way when it came to bedtime. Whenever I put her in the crib she would say "ssss" for potty. So I would take her out and she would sit, then get up & play and occasionally go. Finally I just let her sit until I finished with the boys and then addressed her issues. But it was getting later each night until it was 9:30 pm and my hubby and I said "this has got to change!" So we have implemented a much more structured evening time infused with grace :) and have seen an amazing difference. She is no longer screaming for 45 min. and goes down within 10 min. by 7:30! Hallelujah! I'm glad that even in the trivial things we serve a BIG God who cares for us!

The other exciting thing happened yesterday and you can read about here. I have not investigated whether the snake is still in the bucket this morning- we will see!

I hope you all have a great weekend. We don't celebrate Halloween but will be joining friends for fun & fellowship at Chuck E Cheese! I don't imagine it will be too busy :)


  1. Have fun at Chuck E Cheese's! There is a new one in our area, and we have yet to brave that place with the kids! (:

  2. We just had some transitions to make recently so I'm definitely hoping to get a routine down again. Have a good time at Chuck's. =p I have never been there before. And I definitely want to see the wacky hair. =)

  3. Changing schedules is always difficult at first, but worth it in the long run. I watch a 1yr old that is transitioning from two naps a day to one. The good thing is that once he gets there he'll be on the same schedule as my two little ones still here at home. The hard part will be entertaining him until lunch is over. :P

    Have a nice time with your friends. It's probably a good weekend to go.


  4. In all the kids that have come through our home with us being a foster family as well as adopting...structure was always the thing that worked to put the sparkle in their eyes and make them happy! Keep up the good work!