Friday, October 16, 2009

Hall Closet Redo

Inspired and motivated by this week's challenge over at Home Sanctuary, I tackled my hall closet. It was turning into a junk drawer gone wild and needed some serious attention! Since my original gift center was simply a small drawer with wrapping paper somewhere else waiting to be found, I was excited to see Rachel's closet idea and that got me thinking. I cleaned everything out, covered the shelves, and put the gift center on the top shelf. I was amazed at what had found its way into this closet and SO glad to have organized it. I made a shelf for household tools, all the light bulbs and flashlights, and paper towels & toilet paper. I even have a shelf leftover!

The best thing, after having this completed, was handling the unexpected power outrage that we woke up to the next day. I was able to go into the closet, press the newly installed battery powered light I put on the wall and find my flashlight and extra lights we needed to function in the dark! I am still figuring out what to do with the extra long wrapping paper that didn't fit up on top. Any suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks Rachel and hello to any Company Girls that have stopped over to check out my blog!



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  1. Hi've got some great ideas over here at your blog! I love your before and after...but the coup de gras is the battery operated light! I NEED that in my dark closet! I think I even have one if I can remember where.... :)