Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair we go!

Good morning Company Girls. I thought I'd join in on Rachel Anne's discussion on hair.

If you would like to hear what she and other gals have to say on the matter head over to Company Girl Coffee.

It's funny, my mom and I were discussing hair issues this afternoon before I had a chance to read Rachel's post. Our topic was the "ex-hairstylist guilt" because she just switched from using her neighbor who cut her hair for five years to another salon stylist. She was thrilled with her new "stacked" hairstyle, even learning some new terminology, but had a sense of guilt for dropping her neighbor. I shared similar thoughts even though I haven't been using my stylist that long. My husband and I use the same gal. He gets a great cut but I get hit or miss. Last time it was a BIG miss and now I'm thinking of switching to another hairstylist in the same salon. I would feel bad if I see my old stylist since I don't want to hurt her feelings. I guess I could always schedule my cut on her day off.

So, that leads me to wonder- what is the proper etiquette when leaving your hairstylist? Anyone have thoughts or suggestions? I would love to hear it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do Everything unto the Lord

We chose to play outside first thing this morning since it looked like a scorcher was headed our way by afternoon. My two youngest were in the sandbox, playing or arguing over the sand and throwing it at each other. I talked to them again and they agreed on how to play "nicely".

So I finally pulled on my weeding gloves, pulled out the hedge trimmer and went to work. After getting the extension cord pulled out and plugged in I start on one side of the grass when I look at both kids crying with fistfuls of sand, faces and hair covered! I think to myself "Am I not going to get any work done around here?"

That's when it hit me. Training and teaching these little ones how to respond and act IS my work! Sure, I may like the visual satisfaction of a trimmed lawn and weeded garden so I can say "see what I accomplished today!" But the daily heart issues that need to be "pruned" in my kids' heart is so much more important.

Nicole, over at Girltalk, quotes John Piper's book on Ruth which I think is so to the point.

"Everything we do in obedience to God, no matter how small, is significant. It is part of a cosmic mosaic that God is painting to display the greatness of his powers and kingdom to the world and to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places (Ephesians 3:10). A deep satisfaction of the Christian life is that we are not given over to trifles. Serving a widowed mother in law, gleaning in a field, falling in love, having a baby—for the Christian these things are connected to eternity. They are part of something so much bigger than they seem" (p. 121).
We read in Colossians 3:17 "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

So whatever you are facing today, remember that God has ordained your path. Look for the opportunities He is giving you to show grace, truth, obedience and joy through the way you interact with others.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Thanks

I thought it would be good to recall some of the things I'm thankful for from the past week.

Women's bible study: the group of women I meet with each Wed. are so encouraging and the study of God's word is so edifying, I'm grateful to be a part of it!

Parent's Visit: my Dad hauled away a lot of fallen branches and my mom raked the driveway! Always a big help!

Healthy and safe children: especially since my 2 yo ran out into a busy parking lot before I could grab her.

Healthy 16 week check-up: pregnancy is going along smoothly!

Cool weather: our AC has been broken and won't be replaced until June 4th

Restful times: it has been nice to get naps in the afternoon and have more energy

Happy moments: I've been trying to recognize the fun things my kids do more often rather than focus so much on the things they do wrong

Encouraging testimony: my husband shared his testimony at church this morning and I am so thankful for God's work in his heart

What things are you thankful for?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who is in Charge?

After a long absence (I'm pregnant and the first trimester is over giving me a bit more energy and no morning sickness!) I'm jumping back in to some of my favorite blogging connections. So hello Company Girls!

Friday was one of those days when I thought "Who is in charge around here?" Without realizing it, I let my kids run the show for most of the day. It wasn't the blatant attitude "I don't care what you do" but rather "Sure we can do this instead" rather than facing their reaction if I said "No".

Scene 1 The Grocery Store
I had a few things to pick up and took my two younger children in the morning to the store. My 4 yr old spies the cute green little cart "Child in Training" and wants to push it around. I agree but didn't anticipate my 2 yr old's insistence on wanting to push it too and immediately I have two major tantrums over who can push. We decide to share the pushing and I was glad to hear my youngest saying "Your turn". I thought "Great! This will be a good sharing opportunity" But in the midst of focusing on how far each can push and making sure they don't run into people I forgot sandwich bags and tissues AGAIN! So I will have to make another trip because NO WAY am I folding things in saran wrap and using toilet paper for another whole week!

Lesson learned: I should have determined what mode of "transportation" we were using inside the store before going in and set down the guidelines with the kids before getting out of the van.

Scene 2 The Library
We had to return DVDs to the library before it closed in 1/2 hr. I had all 3 kiddos and explained our game plan before we left. Of course I forgot to tell them no walking on the 3 ft high brick wall near the entrance ramp which is what they want to do first thing. I get them off and try to corral them aside when my 4 yr old runs in ahead. So off to the bathroom we go for more instruction and setting down the first consequence. All is good and we head to the return section. My oldest is doing a great job of putting the books and videos in the right slot when my 2 yr old spots her book she wants to put it in after it's already gone. She screams at the top of her lungs, tries to bite my shoulder, spits and is downright out of control. Every eye is on ME! I apologize and couldn't find the exit fast enough. I'm trying to control Little Missy, when you guessed it, my boys climb up that 3 ft wall and want to walk AGAIN! I get my 4 yr old down who has a total melt down because he wanted to JUMP down and while tending to him my 2 yr old runs down the ramp right toward the parking lot. AGHH! I couldn't get them into the van fast enough. Could things be any more out of control? Since we still had to pick up my husband from work I informed them of their consequences that they would have when they got home.

Lesson Learned: Although I did have a game plan ahead of time I can see a lack of consistent obedience especially with the boys when told to stop. They push the envelope and I need to be better at addressing that when they are home and are not in the midst of the "battle". My little girl obviously gets her way far more regularly than I realized. I think I'll need to establish firmer boundaries at home and help her deal with "no" in a more controlled way.

A glimmer of hope: After returning home with my husband right at dinner time, I forgot to address my little girl's outburst. (The other area I need to be more consistent in!) She comes into the kitchen and motions for me to discipline her! When I went through our little routine she says "Thanks Mommy!" and runs along as happy as can be!

I'm still digesting everything from the course of the day and am sure there will be other things I'll realize need improvement. But the biggies: having a plan, being clear with the boundaries, not being afraid to say "no" and following through, give me enough to work on right now.

I'd love to hear any lessons you've learned this week!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Recipes May 14th-21st

Alfredo with Shrimp and Peas- my oldest son saw this and requested it immediately!

Dinner: out

Kung Pao Chicken w/ broccoli and rice

Soy beans, Fries


Turkey Meatball Subs


Monday, May 10, 2010

First Swim Lesson

Evan started swim lessons today! He has 6 30 min. classes with other 3-5 year olds to teach them how to get in and out of the water, blow bubbles and float on their fronts and backs. The basics. He loves water but both boys hate getting their face wet. So I'm hoping this will be a good introduction.

The class only has 3 kids! The instructor, (Mike) starts off having them play ring-around-the-rosie and then tells them when they fall down into the water to start blowing bubbles! Evan likes the falling down but doesn't blow bubbles. Then, without any explanation of how to hold your breath, Mike tells Evan to find the rings at the bottom of the pool and get his face wet! I'm thinking "Doesn't this guy know they are only beginners!". So far, Evan is having a blast and manages to get the rings without going under. Then he gives them noodles and tells them to start swimming around. Evan is splashing and kicking and gulping tons of water. This is not so much fun. I explained to the instructor he doesn't know how to get his face wet. He ignores me. He notices Evan's noodles slips so he twists it behind his back to secure it and then gives him a BIG shove into the water. Evan's head goes completely UNDER the water and comes up nearly gagging. He's crying, coughing and immediately wants nothing to do with swimming. I yelled at the guy "Are you trying to drown him?!!" He simply replies "Buddy that was your best attempt yet!"

To my surprise and after my coaxing, Evan goes back in and finishes the class but does not like it anymore. I immediately complained to the Rec's supervisor. She informed me that this guy was a sub filling in for the normal teacher. What a relief! Another older teacher overheard me and said she would take Evan in and teach him herself for a while. Evan reluctantly agreed. She was GREAT! She showed him how to blow bubbles, how far to go into the pool by himself, how to bounce up and down like a bunny if he's a little too deep and swim like a crocodile. Evan was smiling, having a blast and was so excited! What a blessing this woman, Mary, was!

I assured Evan that Mike will never teach his class again since he was such a bad teacher and that he will have a great new teacher next week. Thankfully he is looking forward to another class and watching his brother's first swim lesson on Saturday. Let's hope he doesn't have Mike as a teacher too!