Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Nature Table

I've seen this idea on several blogs and have wanted to do something with my playroom table instead of collecting junk. So, I'm even offering my before and after pictures. Brace yourselves!

Before: a cluttered mess where items get dropped.

After: a collection of our Fall and Apple Themes

Books about Johnny Appleseed
and 10 Apples Up on Top
Cut & Paste Apple Tree
Fall tree using colored egg shells

Another fall collage using colored egg shells

Display of pumpkins from farm field trip

Items collected from nature walk, corn milled at Farm Day, books on the Harvest Moon

It was hard to get a full picture where you could visualize everything. The kids were very excited to see the transformation! Much nicer than the cluttered table. I'm hoping to change it regularly depending on the season- so check back later!

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