Thursday, October 22, 2009

Routine Catch-up

Hello Company Girls and anyone else who has stopped by my blog. Two months in and I am really having fun with this blog even though I'm still trying to figure things out- like where do I enter the code for the Company Girl button to show up on my site?

Week in review: we are finally back on track after all the kids' colds. My oldest had some strange fever with terrible aches for 2 days, then it was gone, leaving behind a barking cough. Although this morning my hubby has a temp, aches and nausea (oh no!). I'm thankful that I was able to attend Bible study after missing it two weeks in a row. How refreshing to study God's word and be encouraged and spurred on by others!

My husband and I have been motivated this week to clear out the clutter, organize and work on our family routine. When school started for my oldest, I stuck an acronym to help with his morning routine on his door. It went: GUM & GO = Get up, Use potty, wash hands, brush teeth, Make bed, Get dressed, Out for breakfast. He followed it ok but it was new and a bit much to get used to all at once. So this week we dropped making the bed and brushing teeth before breakfast and explained that breakfast was served at 7:30 then he must brush teeth and be ready for the bus. Having a set time is the biggest help because that gives my morning structure. I know that my responsibilities must be completed before that time in order for breakfast to run smoothly.

My husband and I are also tackling our basement with its mountain of boxes that have accumulated over the years. It's amazing how we weigh ourselves down with stuff we don't even remember having! I love the recent challenge that Amy gave herself to Reduce Clutter in Your Home and it has inspired us to take a brutal look at all our stuff!

Now I'm going to relax with some fresh molasses cookies and a glass of cold milk (sorry, no coffee since it has been enabling me to stay up too late) and wait for my hubby to call so I can pick him up from work early- he still had to go in :( Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello Sharon, it's nice to meet ya! I hear you about trying to get on track with organizing home and school routines. We have 6 people in our family all going in different directions. It can definitely be a challenge! What I love most about blogging is getting ideas and tips for matters of the home/life from others to help me in my own home. It's been such a blessing!


  2. I'd be like you if I had a blog...trying to figure out all the tricks. I'm sure it will all come in time.
    I'm with you in the decluttering! A week ago I took a van/trunk load of stuff to our towns Salvation Army type place. It was such an awesome feeling.
    Hope you get lots done this weekend!

  3. I've been blogging a lot longer than you and I still haven't figured out the CG button thing either! :0) We also have been trying to declutter our basement...ours has 30 years of stuff...not pretty. Hope your family is healthy soon!

  4. My kids have that barking cough right now too. It goes all night long. Thankfully, no fevers though.

    I am working on decluttering our home. I took 6 boxes to the good will last week. I intend to work on it some more today.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't know how blogspot works but I just copy the code and paste it into the entry/post.

    GUM & GO! I like that.

    Good luck with the clutter. We got rid of a bunch of stuff earlier in the year and it was quite freeing.