Monday, September 14, 2009

Whose who

I thought it would be fun to describe the crew whom I'm blessed to be around. I've thought of fun titles that seem to fit their personalities (so far!).

Hubby- (Go to Man) whenever kids/I have questions or problems we go directly to him. He has the level head and usually sees through whatever is manipulating or confusing. I love his diverse interests- sports, travel, good literature, food and politics. Age- undisclosed! If he were a book he would probably be an Encyclopedia!

My oldest son, (Mr. Active) loves anything sports related. He brings the energy to our house and fills it with action. When he is not around he is noticeably missed. He is 6. If he were a book he would be an Adventure Story.

My middle son, (Eager to Help) whenever I'm cooking I hear "Mom, I can help with that." He enjoys quiet activites but has a sneaky side which keeps you on your toes. He is 4. If he were a book he would be a Mystery Novel/DIY handbook.

My youngest girl, (Ready to Go) bubbles with personality and a quick "hi" to everyone. She has a daring side to her that makes my heart skip a beat. She is 18 months. She would be a Thriller!

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