Friday, September 11, 2009

remembering 9/11

At the time of 9/11 I lived in Arlington, not too far from the Pentagon. I remember teaching an adult piano student in my home that morning and hearing a distant but strange sound from outside. We looked out and seeing nothing, resumed the lesson. Then we started to hear a lot of commotion (sirens and police) more than usual and turned on the TV. We couldn't believe our eyes. It was unthinkable. My heart ached as we watched the horror unfold on TV. We both tried to reach our husbands who worked in downtown DC. No chance. The phones were busy.

We stopped watching the TV and began praying together for all those involved. My student then left for home so she could be there for her son. I resumed watch over the situation on TV.

I was so relieved when my husband came home. We embraced and he shared how downtown was just a nightmare. Traffic jams and police everywhere- it was chaos. We continued to pray and found it very hard to function without knowing what was happening on TV. In a very real way I remember sensing for the first time that our time here on earth is truly in God's hands.

We are here for a short time to live for Him, to glorify Him and honor Him with our lives. We are not to live in fear of what man will do to us, what others' will think of us or how others will judge us. I pray that each day I grow more and more in awe and fear of the Almighty God who orders my steps and fills me with joy and hope even in the most difficult circumstances. May you also find His peace that passes all understanding, give you strength for whatever you are facing.

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