Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From the Beginning

Hello! I'm glad you've stopped by. As you can tell, I've just started this blog and honestly have no idea what I'm doing, so you'll see me learn through the process. When I read blogs out in the cyberworld, I am very impressed with how folks put it all together and hopefully I'll pick up some tips.

The reason for this blog:
The beginning of summer, 2009, I was so excited. My kindergartner was going to be home during the day to enjoy time with his two younger siblings. I had ordered Hooked on Phonics to keep him motivated in reading for the summer, the teacher sent home workbooks to complete, he had his journal to write in and Math U See blocks ready. By the end of July he was soaring with HOP, however, completing the workbooks was like pulling teeth, the journal was thought of occasionally and his younger brother decided to use the blocks for building things.

One day was particularly hard. They were overtired from going to bed later than usual and I had my “agenda” to complete with them. As I thought over the day and browsed various blogs for ideas, I stumbled across Skip to My Lou blogspot and saw “Start your day off with a smile! Pancakes”. It dawned on me that what was missing was planned fun. I plan the essentials (discussed above) and let the rest of the day fall as it may, praying they just get along. I was focused on him completing the workbook, learning to read, counting by 10’s that I missed the joy of them having fun together. I needed to plan and think of creative things to do!

I do come up with fun, creative ideas and crafts with a bit of effort, but more often I find what really gets me motivated is seeing what others have done and then I get inspired to go from there. Hopefully this website will do the same for you!

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