Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hello fellow menu planners! This is my first time participating. Usually I end up blogging about the meals I made after the fact since things always change once I get to the store. Sometimes my main ingredient looks terrible in the store, is sold out or I forgot to buy something! Then I have to rethink a meal or two. Do others ever have this problem? Should I plan extra back-up meals each week to rely on in the pantry? I would love any suggestions!

Menus this week April 5th-11th
Leftover Ham dinner

Hamburg&Turkey Meatballs over pasta, Salad, bread

Seasoned Cod , broccoli, brown rice

Calico Bean Soup w/ leftover ham , biscuits

Friday (my parents arrive!)
Homemade Pizza (hubby & I date night)

Saturday (my early birthday celebration dinner!)

Simple Sunday (Birthday lunch out!)
Cheese ravioli w/ roasted eggplant, onion & peppers mixed with tomatoes, feta & basil
French Bread

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  1. I hear you on the store being out of an item... especially if it's a sale! I try to have a couple "go-to" stand by recipes that I can plug in to my menu in the event that happens.

    Your menu looks delicious -- I like the ravioli with eggplant and all the yummy veggies!