Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Party Fun

Good afternoon Company Girls! Sorry there is nothing yummy to eat today because I'm all chocolate out!

It has been so nice getting back into a routine now that we have dug out of the snow and school is open again. There is something about structure and set times that helps me get so much more done.

Last Sunday night we hosted a Valentine's Parents' Night Out and although most families had to cancel last minute because of various illnesses, one little boy came and my boys were thrilled.
On the agenda for the evening was a Guessing Game which entailed guessing how many little dinosaurs were hidden in bags filled with red tinsel. If they guessed right they could keep them.
My daughter didn't want the red stuff contained so she dumped it out on her blanket.

Then we had a treasure hunt looking for red chocolate hearts. The kids are listening to instructions before the hunt begins.
The kids gave one another Valentine's and then they each made a Valentine card for Mom and Dad. We found the idea for Treat Transmitters in the Family Fun magazine. Although, after making 26 for my son's class, I realized this was way more time consuming than I anticipated! My son agreed so he created his own- Walking Stick Valentine!

After dinner they had a go at a heart pinata I made. This was our girl's first time hitting a pinata and she did not hold back at all! Thankfully my oldest was able to break it!

Overall the evening was a blast and a great way to spend Valentine's. I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and know that each and every day we are "loved with an everlasting love!". Jer. 31:3

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  1. How sweet of you to host this event so parents could have so time together!

  2. Wow, it looks like the kids had a great time, what fun. Too bad the others had to cancel. What a blessing, though, that you were willing to do that for other families!

  3. Great pinata! Looks like they had fun. =)