Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Spinny Speller

After seeing this Spinny Speller over at Chasing Cheerios, I thought it would be perfect for my boys (ages 4 & 6). The younger one is learning to write and likes to watch his brother take his vocabulary tests. Now with the Spinny Speller they can both work on words together. This item can be purchased at a very cool store: Let's Explore and the owner, Amy, has provided a downloadable worksheet to write the words out. Since my Dad built a garage to house all his woodworking machinery, I thought this would be the perfect project for him! So while we were there at Thanksgiving I showed him the picture and he made them in one afternoon! Way to go Dad! I used different lowercase letters for each. If you want directions on how to make this, I found them at Little Hands, Big Work. My Dad said he used a 5/16th size dowel so adjusted the whole size to fit accordingly.

On Christmas morning I nestled them in the tree. I can't say that my boys passed up their new Star Wars legos to construct 3 letter words, but they have enjoyed using it since!

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